We offer different types of classes, from beginners to advanced.

Creative Movement

  • Ages 3 -5
  • Uniform: White Leotard, skin color or ballet pink tights, ballet pink shoes and ballet pink skirt

  • As a fun introduction to dance, our creative movement class is designed to focus on rhythm, basic motor skills and coordination. Classroom activities are designed to develop students' creativity through the use of props and imagery along with musicality, strength, and flexibility all in a fun and loving environment.

    Pre Ballet LEVEL I & II

  • Level I : Ages 5-7
  • Level II : Ages 8–11
  • Uniform: Black BAP logo Leotard, Ballet pink tights, shoes and ballet pink skirt.

  • Our primary levels are designed to give students in grade kindergarten and above a strong technical foundation in a fun, positive and engaging environment. Students focus on technique, muscle development, musicality and coordination along with emphasis on vocabulary and correct execution of steps.

    Ballet LEVEL I & II

  • Ages: 11 – 15
  • Uniform: Black BAP logo leotard, ballet pink tights and shoes (optional black or pink wrap skirt)

  • As an entry level for pre-teen and teenagers, Ballet Level I & II focus on barre work, muscle development, music and coordination. Students at this age move up quickly with careful repetition of steps and exercises.

    Intermediate Ballet LEVEL III

  • Ages: 9 and up
  • Uniform: Black BAP logo leotard, ballet pink tights and shoes (optional wrap skirt). Pointe shoes with teacher approval only.

  • Our intermediate levels emphasize on increasing the student’s vocabulary and continuing to refine correct execution of steps along with correct body placement. Girls begin pre-pointe exercises to strengthen their feet, ankles and legs for future pointe work. Careful repetition of exercises allows students to make faster and more consistent progress.

    Advanced Ballet LEVEL IV & V

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Uniform: Black BAP logo leotard for classical ballet, option to have other color leotards for other classes. Ballet pink tights, flats along with pointe shoes. Ballet wrap skirt is mandatory for pointe and variations classes.

  • It is at this level that students are trained in a variety of styles, maximizing their versatility as an artist. Classes are designed with the pre-professional in mind, challenging the dancer with more complicated combinations, use of batterie and pointe work. Variations are added as an imperative component to their ballet training.

    Character Class

  • Ages: 9 and up (with teacher approval only)
  • Uniform: Leotard, ballet pink tights, character skirt along and character shoes.

  • Character class is an important part of our curriculum. The dances learned are great fun to learn and to perform. In ballets, they can me very important parts of the story. Most full-length ballets include character dancing.

    Contemporary & Jazz

  • Ages 9 and up with teacher approval
  • Uniform: Dance wear that allows for movement such as leotard and leggings or tights (preferably black). Bare feet is acceptable in class but dancers may wear socks or pirouettes if they prefer.

  • Contemporary class incorporates principles from modern dance to teach dancers to move in a new, more organic way while focusing on whole body connection. Classes include conditioning, combos, improvisation along with movement exploration.