Vilma Borbolla, Owner & Artistic Director

I'm a dancer, choreograper and dance educator who is passionate about dance and its ability to empower people, communities and societies. I am also passionate about bringing dance into the public, exposing new audiences, interacting and creating a community. My parents immigrated from Cuba to Miami, Florida in the early 60’s and I grew up at the Cuban Ballet School near our home. As a child dancer, the love and gift to dance came to me like a birthright.

In my teens, I was given the opportunity to join a professional ballet company, Ballet Concerto whom which I performed with for many years. I also began teaching as a teenager, and continue to teach as I pursued my degree in Business Administration and Accounting with the dream of owning my own dance studio and dance company. I am blessed to have the love and support of my husband and my three boys.

I dance to bring meaning, to bring beauty, and to bring inspiration and hope into a concrete world.